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19th - 22nd April 2012
Guangdong Shunde Exhibition Center
Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China

About the event


      2012 BUILD EXPO SHUNDE CHINA  will be held in the Shunde Exhibition centre on April 19, to April 22, 2012, and it will be held annually in the future. Shunde is located in the south of Guangdong Province and the central plains of the Pearl River Delta and has superior geographical position. The north is closed to Guangzhou , it adjoins to Hong Kong、Macao and closes to Zhongshan 、Jiangmen 、Nanhai 、Dongguan and other areas. With the reform and open policy carried out, the economic of Shunde has obtained further development, especially in the industry of household electric appliances, furnitures, hardware products, machineries and equipment manufacturing, clothing. It has the leaping enhancement. As building material industry, Shunde has formed some regional advantages. In Shunde, there are more than 3,500 enterprises to handle the main business which is related to building material, and over 1,200 companies deal in hardware products industry, over 300 coating companies, 500 glass products enterprises, 500 bathroom products enterprises and 400 flood board enterprises. Building material industry of surrounding cities has certain development opportunities because they regard Shunde as business circle center. The building material enterprises have reached to 10,000 only in Foshan.


       This exhibition is the first professional building material exhibition in Shunde, it will be held jointly by Foshan Worldexh Co., LTD and Worldexh International Co., LTD and get great support from Shunde District People Government. The purpose of this exhibition is to give contracting parties a bigger communication platform , show practicality and profitability of local products, give local enterprises and surrounding companies bigger business opportunities, what’s more to give buyers more choices.

Attendee Information

Architects\ Builders



Exporters \ Manufacturers \ Suppliers \ Dealers of Construction Machinery、Materials

Interior Designers

Exhibitor information

Architectural coating: wall space/waterproof/terrace coating、coating additive、coating packing material; dry powder mortar.

Architectural ornament hardware: building hardware、ornament hardware、automatic doors、gating hardware system and fittings、access control electron system、hardware fittings、hardware tools、hardware grinder、hardware casting etc.

Architectural ornament glass: art glass、architectural ornament glass、industrial glass、glass machinery etc.

Architectural glass and ground tile: ground tiles、solid flooring、solid composite flooring、laminate flooring、cork flooring、bamboo flooring etc.

Sanitary ware equipment: whole bathroom、bathtubs、showers、toilet stool、desk tray、bathroom hardware/fittings、bathroom mirrors、swimming pool equipments、water heater、warmers、bathroom cabinet etc.

Heating cooling equipment: refrigerating system、automation control system、air cleaner、water techniques of handling and equipments、air-pipe、air curtain、draught fan、heat exchange equipment.

Building material producing machinery: producing machinery with related to building material