3rd Eastern Africa Oil, Gas & Energy Week

Event details

26th - 28th March 2012
InterContinental Hotel

About the event

The 3rd Eastern Africa: Strategy Briefing held on 26th March 2012, prior to our Annual Conference in Nairobi, provides key insights on the corporate upstream oil and gas game, governments and state oil firms, and licensing strategies, in this fast-emerging frontier region.

It showcases the regional oil/gas and energy game in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Seychelles, Madagascar and Mocambique, and focuses on the corporate players (private and state entities) that are shaping the fast-moving dynamics one of the Continent's rapidly growing energy markets - upstream, midstream, downstream, and in gas/power, CBM/CTL, as well as in renewables and biofuels.


The 3rd Eastern Africa Oil, Gas & Energy 2012 held on 27-28 March in Nairobi, is part of our worldwide suite of senior management events in/on Africa that we have conducted annually for over 16 years.


Government Oil/Energy Strategies: Growth & Future

East African Hydrocarbon Potential

Exploration Potential & Corporate Strategies

East Africa’s Energy Infrastructure & Investment Needs

Regional Energy Environment & Emerging Energy Markets

East Africa’s Downstream Markets & Future Development

Pipeline Requirements/Options

East Africa’s Gas Markets

Foreign Players In Eastern Africa

Energy Development & Future Fuels