6th Azerbaijan International Agriculture Exhibition - AgriHort Azerbaijan 2012

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16th - 18th May 2012
Baku Expo Centre

About the event


Main sections of the exhibition:

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Mini-plants for the Agricultural Industrial Complex

Agricultural tractors, hinged trailers, equipment and spare parts

Watering and land-reclamation equipment

Refrigerating units for fish and dairy products

Flour-grinding equipment

Grinding equipment

Granary, vegetable store, elevators

Mineral, biological fertilizers, stimulators

Oils and oil producing equipment

Means for protecting plants and animals

Flour, cereals, rice, soy beans and soy products

Seeds, sapling

Machinery and equipment complexes for poultry-farms and fish industry

Equipment for milking cows and storing milk

Machines and equipment for processing meat, milk and fish

Agricultural products

Equipment for packing, storing and transporting meat and milk production

Bakeries, confectionary plant

Veterinary medicine and zootechnics

Forage, admixtures and fertilizer