Abergavenny Food Festival 2012

Event details

15th - 16th September 2012
Town Centre

About the event

From its inception in 1999 the festival team has kept three core principles at the heart of everything:

We aim to celebrate craft in food-making - be it on the farm, in the factory or in the kitchen.

We aim to celebrate the diversity of foods and traditions, both here in Wales and those of other places.

 We aim to celebrate the conviviality and sociability that surrounds eating and drinking, whether with friends or strangers - and we aim to do it all in the most special and spectacular style that we can manage


Over the years the Festival has grown. The date soon moved from October to September, in search of better weather. The scale of the Festival has increased, taking in new venues around the town, as has the scope of the activities on offer. And we now have other events taking place across the year.