Affordable Self Build

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15th - 16th May 2010


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Money and budgeting issues are at the heart of every self build and renovation project, and affordability will probably factor in to every decision you make as your build progresses. Especially in the current climate, more people are looking for affordable alternatives to upgrade or extend their homes, or move up the property ladder. With land, labour and material prices currently favouring the buyer, its no surprise that frustrated homeowners are turning to self build and renovation to get their dream home, and you donít have to have a ëGrand Designsí budget to make the numbers add up.
The Affordable Self Build weekend (15 ñ 16 May 2010) at the Centre will show you how to make self build and renovation affordable, without compromising on quality and individual style and getting a ëBland Designí.
A host of experts and professionals will explode the myths and mysteries to show you how to make the most of modest budgets, and give you honest advice on where and when you can save, and when you should not, including: when should you go for the ëcheaperí option; what building work you can tackle on your own; and how to negotiate better prices. With great advice on budget control, efficient project management, material selection, and cash-flow, it is full of money saving tips you can't afford to miss!
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Tickets are free when booked in advance, via the website or over the telephone. Free parking on-site