Air Mission Planning 2011

Event details

8th - 9th June 2011

About the event

SMi's Air Mission Planning 2011 is focussed on the strategic, tactical and operational air mission planning issues facing militaries today.

In its second year, the conference will provide delegates with the opportunity to learn from those who have successfully implemented strong air mission planning strategies and discuss the challenges facing the modern air planner. We will focus on interoperability between military branches and air forces, who often utilise vastly different air assets and planning systems.

We will also be looking at the flow of aeronautical data throughout the command structure, the role of integrated airborne ñ land based command and control systems and the integration of varied air assets, including UAVís and helicopters into theatre / tactical environments. There will also be a number of sessions focussing on interbranch joint air planning, as well as updates from NATO as to the progress of the Integrated Air Command and Control System (ACCS).

Attendance at SMi's Air Mission Planning 2011 will allow attendees to hear from and network with senior speakers from the USAF, Italian Air Force, the Australian Defence Force, Royal Air Force, Thales, as well as a number of NATO agencies and other key players in military air planning.