Air Surveillance and Reconnaissance 2011

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21st - 23rd March 2011
America Square Conference Centre

About the event

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) is the glue that binds all operations and all theatres of war and air based ISR is by far the most mission critical tool for ground command on current operations.

The global market for ISR systems and technology is estimated to grow to over $30bn over the next ten years. In particular, the growth of the UAV sector continues apace with the USA still by far the largest operator but with an explosion of activity as over 50 countries look to acquire or develop their own platforms. Indeed, manned air surveillance platforms also continue to be developed and programmes like NATO's AWACS and MC12, Griffen Helicopter and JSTARS upgrades are high value projects, crucial to ISR, which are shaping the future of combat, surveillance and reconnaissance operations.