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1st September - 31st December 2011

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Asset Integrity Online Content Hub

16 global integrity authorities from the world’s most pioneering companies LIVE at your desktop

As you know all too well, asset integrity is not a new concept, nor is it particularly difficult to understand.


However, significant and persistent challenges remain in ensuring your integrity strategy is a success both in design and in implementation.


During three months of in-depth research with the global oil and gas integrity community, we asked the industry for its views on this mission-critical subject.


What your peers agreed was that we’ve all seen enough flow charts, models and diagrams to know that building the framework isn’t necessarily the problem.


Indeed, their view was that most serious challenges often emerge only once you set about implementing your integrity plan.


That’s why, when we asked them to identify the three critical success factors to making an integrity strategy truly successful, they identified:

  • Recognizing what makes the difference between an asset integrity strategy which looks good on paper and one which works in practice
  • Knowing which steps you can take - and which you need to avoid - to ensure that your integrity strategy becomes truly sustainable
  • And identifying how you really turn integrity management into a core value, rather than simply a priority

They told us that if we were able to create a platform which focused exclusively on these core issues, they would not only be interested in visiting it, but they would ensure their whole teams joined them.


So that is exactly what we did.


Through months of in-depth research, we worked with the global integrity community to assemble a hand picked group of asset integrity authorities and to create the Asset Integrity Online Content Hub.


These authorities will cut through the clutter and share their insights into what’s really required to make your integrity strategy both successful and sustainable.


Each of the contributors to this unique online resource centre believe they have a story to tell, a lesson to share, or a case study to highlight which can help you achieve one of these core objectives.


So, if you combine this practical focus, with the level of expertise on offer, combined with an agenda which fits around your schedule – can you afford to miss this opportunity?


This essential online resource centre is 100% downloadable, and represents a revolutionary way of knowledge transfer and information exchange without you having to leave your desk - click here to find out how it all works.

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