Bespoke Jewellery Boutique

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29th April 2011
Adrem Gallery

About the event

Embellishment is everywhere this season. At CB we’ve jumped on the band wagon and are thrilled to be working with Anna, of the A. Alicia eco-ethical jewellery line. In her workshop Anna teaches guests to make vibrant and fabulous necklaces. Anna shares her insider knowledge of vintage and ethical materials giving hot tips on where to find the best buys and how to sort through the piles of vintage materials that can often seem daunting! Using their choice of fair trade and organic fabrics, workshoppers will learn how to make Anna’s trademark “pom-poms” and how they are used along with a selection of vintage beads and fabrics to create a beautiful on-trend necklace.

Attendee Information

£40 per person

1pm - 3.30pm