Bio Safety, Bio Security, Bio Defence 2011 (Bio SSD 2011)

Event details

18th - 20th July 2011
Putra World Trade Centre
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

About the event

Exhibitor information

• Laboratory equipment, products and services
• Medical Equipments, Services and Technologies
• Protective Equipment, bio suits, bio hazard transportation
• Detection and Reconaissance Systems
• Vaccines and therapeutics
• Healthcare products
• Defence / CBRN protection equipment
• Laboratory Instruments and Equipments
• Software systems, Laboratory IT and software
• Decontamination systems
• Filtration and separation
• Disinfectant, containment
• Food handling
• Test, Measurement and Calibration
• Scientific and Analytical Equipments and Systems
• Environmental and Pollution Control Systems
• Chemical and Biological Process Technology
• Biological and Chemical Handling, Transport & Storage
• Reagent & Supplies
• Education and Training