Biogas 2011

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13th - 14th June 2011

About the event

SMi's Biogas 2011 conference will be focusing on bringing together industry leaders and experts to explore and discuss the leading technologies and strategic project developments in Biogas with a focus on the UK and European market sector. Biogas is increasingly termed the energy of the future as renewable energy sources remains high on the agenda of government officials and business strategic developments.

Considerable challenges are being overcome by industry leaders and experts at producing biogas using innovative technologies and effective solutions. Biogas is a sector driven by continuous innovation, technologic developments and strategic solutions. Biogas has become a core strategic objective for many companies, and organizations as sustainable biogas project developments reduce carbon emissions, save energy and costs through more sustainable and effective resource utilization and provide a more green energy solution. These are just a few of the advantages which are leading the industry sector.

Attend our two day conference and hear from leading experts who will provide an invaluable insight to the competitive nature of biogas and its most current developments and challenges. Biogas is a fast paced and growing industry sector for which I would like to invite you to attend a not to be missed event and again the knowledge and insight needed in sharing best practices.