Biomarkers in Clinical Trials

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19th - 20th September 2011
Hilton London Kensington

About the event

SMi is proud to present their 3rd annual conference on Biomarkers in Clinical Trials. With the 2011 event aiming to explore the use of biomarkers in Cancer drug development.

Concerns over efficacy, cost, and drug safety have stimulated a need for personalized medicine; and to increase the predictability of clinical research to reduce development cost and time. The use of biomarkers in no longer limited to whether a patient will responsd to a treatment, but has extended to aid drug development in all its forms.

As a result biomarkers have now gained significant attention in the R&D process. Which are seen as an emerging but lucrative segment that is opening up new development opportunities, and attracting much commercial interest.

The global biomarker market is estimated to be £12.7 billion by 2014, and driven by the high demand for the biomarkers in the field of drug discovery.

In addition the increasing use of biomarkers in clinical services is boosting the overall biomarker service provider market.