Broadband and Traffic Management Event

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15th - 17th November 2011
Royal Garden Hotel

About the event

According to a recent study by Ericsson, global mobile data traffic almost tripled in the past year, growing ten times faster than voice traffic. The GSMA forecasts that mobile operators around the world will invest up to $72 billion in mobile broadband technologies as data demand increases. However, the recent surge in mobile data and broadband traffic is something of a double-edged sword. While it has finally validated operators’ long-held strategic thinking, it has exposed gaps in their network performance and customer experience is becoming constrained. Mobile users vote with their feet and poor network performance is something to which they assign great value. The business model for mobile broadband is becoming one of competitive differentiation through psuperior quality of service, yet one of the key challenges operators face is how to communicate the benefits of traffic management to their customers and monetise network intelligence.

In formulating a response to the ‘capacity crunch’, operators have many options – although LTE continues to edge closer to commercial reality, upgrading infrastructure is usually the last resort in the short term due to cost implications, therefore sophisticated traffic management solutions, content optimisation tools, tiered pricing, DPI, policy control, and more recently, mobile offload are important weapons in the operator toolkit. The reality is that most carriers will use a range of technical methods to help them deal with the surge in mobile data traffic. All this of course is taking place against a vociferous backdrop of net neutrality debate among the world’s regulatory and internet authorities.

Interact with and learn from an elite speaker panel of experts from Vodafone, Telefonica, Virgin Media and many more industry leaders and join 300+ attendees at the world’s only dedicated broadband traffic management event (relevant to fixed and mobile operators alike). Take steps to define and refine your capacity strategy before your networkcongestion gets out of control!