Call Center Performance, Productivity & Metrics

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12th - 14th September 2012
Dallas, tba

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Welcome to a new world of coaching for call center excellence and measuring performance at Call Center Performance and Productivity & Metrics, taking place September 12-14 in Dallas!

Gone are the days were contact centers simply answered and responded to calls. In a changing business environment, where customers are better informed than ever, call centers take on an increasing strategic role and must strive to enhance customer experience while increasing sales and reducing operating costs. Turn your call center into a profit center by aligning the latest metrics focused on service, quality, efficiency, profitability, and employee development! (Visit

Join Call Center Performance and Productivity & Metrics, September 12-14 in Dallas, Texas and learn about the latest and greatest call center metrics. Experience how to create a well-integrated operation across tools like workforce management, coaching, e-learning, performance management, speech analytics and surveys. Plus: Find out how internal customers are relying on the business intelligence coming out of contact centers and discover strategies for customizing your reporting strategies to meet the needs of internal stakeholders!

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VPs, Directors and Managers responsible for:

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Contact Centre

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