China (Guangzhou) International Explosion-proof Electric Apparatus and Technology Exhibition (GIEPE2011)

Event details

11th - 13th August 2011
China Import and Export Fair• Pazhou Complex
Guangzhou, China

About the event

As one of the top trade fairs of the petrochemical and explosion-proof electric apparatusin Asia, it is held annually in August in Guangzhou, together with the simultaneous expo- China Guangzhou Int'l Petrol & Chemistry Industry Exposition.

Supported by Guangdong Petroleum Industry Association, Guangdong Gas Association, Guangdong Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, Guangdong Petroleum Society, Guangzhou Dangerous Goods Transportation Industry Association, GIEPE2011 will be held in China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex area B during August 11th - 13th, 2011. The exhibition area of GIEPE2011 predict more than 25,000㎡, drawing enterprises from all over the world. The latest equipment and technology in the field of explosion-proof will be showcase in this exhibition.So we are looking forward to your participation in this event!

Co-located- event:

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Attendee Information

 CNG, LNG, LPG gas station, petroleum chemistry, petroleum integrated  companies, LCN chemical plants;

 Oil and gas processing, oil field service contractors, engineering builders, construction contractors, project consultation companies, geography exploration service companies, storage and transport service, testing service, consultation service companies, chemical treatment, national petroleum companies/government departments, distributors/retailers/importers and exporters, environmental-friendly facilities and service, repairing service (including jointing) manufacturers and buyers;

Exhibitor information

Explosion-proof LC level control; Explosion-proof sensor; Explosion-proof weighing apparatus; Explosion-proof gas detector; Explosion-proof solenoid valve; Explosion-proof pressure transmitter; Explosion-proof electromagnetic starter;Explosion-proof intrinsic safe power controller;Explosion-proof lamp;Explosion-proof distribution cabinet; Explosion-proof control cabinet;Explosion-proof elevator, forklift;Explosion-proof electric heater;Explosion-proof button, junction box ;Explosion-proof axial flow fan, air compressor; Explosion-proof air-condition refrigeration system; Explosion-proof electromotor, hot resistance; Explosion-proof connector installation;  Explosion-proof movable substation;

Explosion-proof pipe joint piece; Explosion-proof wireless controller; Explosion-proof signal, sign, indicating lamp; Explosion-proof electromagnetic flow meter; Explosion-proof communication signal controller;Explosion-proof electron device;Explosion-proof instrument and meter; Explosion-proof safety alarm device;Explosion-proof computer and safety barrier etc.