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18th - 20th October 2011

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Piracy in Somalia is a constantly evolving business model. The industry must adapt. But aside from protecting your ships as best you can you also know that there is a limit to what you can do to solve this problem; so what next?

Piracy will continue to flourish until such time as the root causes on shore in Somalia are dealt with. A frustration the industry shares. So what is happening? What is the political will for further action? What steps can you take as an individual, a company and an industry to elicit a response?

This year’s new 3-day Combating Piracy conference reflects your most pressing challenges. Not only will you get to grips with the latest thinking on practical security measures, but you will also tackle the challenges surrounding the onshore situation in Somalia and current levels of political involvement.

You’ll leave with a clear understanding of the international, national and regional efforts that are being made to provide a radial and long-term solution to the piracy problem in the Indian Ocean.

You will also address what more to needs to be done and how to ensure this critical situation gets the attention and action it deserves.


What will the agenda cover?


Day 1: Piracy 101

Revealing the new methods being adopted by pirates:Hear case studies of the most recent hijacks and the lessons that can be learned

What do you need to be aware of when using armed guards?Hear the very latest updates from the IMO

Day 2:Onshore Somalia

Pirate structures, money trails, prosecution of pirates: Understand how knowledge of these developments can help you shape your security strategy

What’s being done to protect your assets? Insights into the efforts being made to establish a Somali coast guard, the ongoing deployment of disruptive tactics and establishing an alternative to piracy

Day 3: Driving Forward Political Commitment to the Fight Against Piracy

Assessing the commitment of international governments to contributing towards urgent counter piracy efforts

Should the industry fight back?Discussing the possibility of an industry-wide strike and taking steps to alter the public perception of piracy

Take a look at the meeting website to view the draft agenda in full.


And who will be tackling these issues? Early confirmed speakers include: 

Rt Hon John Spellar MP, Shadow Minister for Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK Government

Chris Holtby, Deputy Head, Security Policy Group, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Chair, Working Group 1, UN Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia

Chris Trelawny, Deputy Director, Marine Safety Division, IMO

Phil Holihead, Head IMO Implementation Unit, IMO

Thomas Winkler, Legal Advisor/Ambassador, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chair, Working Group 2, UN Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia

Stig Jarle Hansen, Senior Researcher, Department of International Studies, NIBR

Sam Egag,Director, ‘The Trouble With Pirates’

William Athill, Chief Operating Officer, Ibex Oil Explorations Services Ltd

The Revd Canon Ken Peters, Director of Justice & Welfare, The Mission to Seafarers

Henrik Ehlers Kragh, Head of Anti-Piracy Coordination, Maersk Line

Dr Jan Theiss Heitmann, Director Legal Affairs, German Shipowners’ Association

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