Complex Hardware Development for Aircraft Systems using RTCA DO-254/EUROCAE ED-80

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6th February 2013
ERA Technology, Training Centre
Leatherhead, Surrey

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RTCA DO-254/EUROCAE ED-80 Design Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronic Hardware provides a standard

for the development and certification of Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs) for civil aerospace applications.

The use of PLDs is becoming increasingly prevalent in military and commercial systems. RTCA DO-254 has been

given recognition for civil aerospace applications by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) as a result of Advisory

Circular 20-152. This provides the certification requirements (and hence development), of PLDs such as FPGAs

(Field Programmable Gate Arrays), CPLDs (Complex Programmable Logic Devices) and ASICs (Application Specific

Integrated Circuits).

This introductory course will provide an overview of the processes required to integrate design assurance into the

development of systems which include complex electronic hardware. The emphasis of the course will be on the

processes by which the design assurance is gained and will also detail certification strategies and guidance.


The programme includes:

  • Overview of "Airborne Electronic Hardware" in DO-254/ED-80

  • System safety

  • Overview of DO-254/ED-80

  • Using DO-254-ED-80

  • Verification and validation

  • Achieving certification


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This course is suitable for: 

Engineers who work in the research and development of avionic systems.

Engineers involved in applications, electronics, quality assurance.

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