Countering Terrorism and the Threat of Crime at UK Transport Hubs

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19th July 2011
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With many terrorist organisations choosing to target travel hubs it is essential that security companies understand the correct procedures they must have in place if their transport hub becomes a target. Delegates will learn how to tighten security at a variety of transport points including airports, rail and bus stations through a combination of interactive presentations, exercises, case study analysis and discussion.


This event covers an extensive range of topics and provides a comprehensive survey and in-depth analysis of the difficulties surrounding travel hub security e.g. improvement of current security measures in place at travels hubs, profiling systems at airports, trains, bus stations and behavioural detection in the fight against crime and terrorism.The course is headed by an expert, Peter French, who has 25 years experience in policing, counter-terrorism and security. Having completed his police service in 1998, he became an international transport consultant, offering guidance and advice to numerous travel hubs worldwide and has been an adviser to Government departments plus UK rail companies.


Security against terrorism and crime is all the more important, particularly at a time when personal safety for passengers is undermined by the threat of crime and terrorism. With past attacks being carried out on commuters in London, Madrid and Moscow; security at travel points is paramount. As the London 2012 Olympics begin next year, all eyes will be on the security at the event, to see if it is the best it can possibly be. SMi Group provides a CPD accredited Masterclass SMi’s Masterclass will provide security professionals with an overview of how security at national travel hubs operates and more importantly, how it can be improved.


Benefits of attending SMi’s CPD accredited Masterclass; Countering Terrorism and the Threat of Crime at Transport Hubs:


  • Develop an in-depth understanding about current security measures in place at travels hubs and how to tighten them with the ideal strategic security plan
  • Gainan insight into behavioural detection in the fight against crime and terrorism
  • Discusshow to handle the media in a crisis situation
  • Learnfrom an extremely experienced Masterclass leader with over two decades of experience and in-depth knowledge in policing, security, and counter-terrorism
  • Network with senior representatives within security
  • Access the profiling systems at airports, train and bus stations
  • Apply in-depth knowledge of procedures security firms must have in place for audits
  • Collect valuable CPD points through attendance


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