Demand Response and Dynamic Pricing

Event details

18th - 19th May 2011
Crowne Plaza - The City

About the event

The promise of Demand Response and Dynamic Pricing could save utilities billions in capital expenditure on peak demand infrastructure, and create synergies between customers and the utilities that will assist in managing cost, and reducing environmental impact of power generation and consumption.
We will address key Demand Response and Dynamic Pricing issues such as;

EU policies

Regulatory framework

The role of smart metering

Creating a secure and balanced energy supply

Dynamic price structures for networks, producers and consumers

Commercial, industrial and consumer engagement.

Major European utilities and leading industry bodies will present in-depth case studies on DR programs for Germany, Poland, Denmark, Spain and Ireland. We will also hear from Telecom Italia, Italyís leading telephone operator who will help us understand the big consumers point of view, and Indesit will provide a case study on the role of the consumer and their Direct Digital Control contribution to the Smart Grid.