Energy Efficiency for Business

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11th - 12th April 2011

About the event

With the start of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme the incentives for UK companies to reduce their carbon emissions have significantly increased. The financial and social benefits of incorporating green policies are clear but the mechanisms for implementation of innovative technologies and procedures remain under development. This conference will bridge this knowledge gap and provide the foundation for forming sound long-term energy efficiency strategy.

One year on from the launch of the CRC scheme the Energy Efficiency conference will bring together senior industry experts to discuss the key considerations and challenges in cutting emissions. The solution focused programme will inform delegates of best practice sustainability strategy, improve understanding of the impact of corporate action today and assess innovative technologies and leading industry case studies.

Why you should attend Energy Efficiency for Business 2011:

ï CRC strategy, development and analysis ñ Discover best practice for your business
ï In-depth industry case studies ñ Hear key practices from leading industry representatives
ï Innovative products ñ Assess the benefits of clean technology and ecodesign
ï The effect of reputation and CSR ñ Create a carbon efficient culture
ï Building sustainability and energy management systems ñ Gain key techniques for emissions reduction