Erotica 2011

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18th - 20th November 2011

About the event

Sensual salutations from Erotica HQ! As it is mid-summer, we are perspiring gently over samples of saucy Xmas stocking fillers and passing the Pimms over plans for Erotica’s November extravaganza.

The air conditioning is off because we are installing sound-proofing windows (due to our D.J.’s noise abatement notice). The burlesque troupe is on a work to rule because of the heat and is practising yoga in the hallway. The artistic director ran out of models on which to paint his ideas and is now scattering glitter on their finer points. And The DreamBoys had to be taken firmly in hand but have resumed working on their sex-packs.

This year exhibitors are joining us from France, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, US, Australia and China with gorgeous garments, gifts, artworks and games. We have brand new, free seminars and demonstrations. And we are delighted to welcome Millivres Prowler with their cornucopia of magazines and toys for boys and girls who prefer someone a little different!

Buy your tickets now and insert some fun into your diary!
Don't miss Dita's polished perfection at 6pm each evening. The delectable diva will also be signing books and photographs for her fans. Dita's public appearances are rare. Book your tickets now!


Exhibitor information

Benefits of Exhibiting at Erotica:

•A unique sales opportunity – reach 60,000 customers in just 3 days
•Provide hands on exposure to your products and services
•Accelerate the sales process
•Enjoy an end-of-year financial injection
•Network with the industry
•Maintain company profile with competitors
•Develop prospective databases
•Introduce new products/services/companies into the marketplace
•Maintain or extend relationships with existing customers
•Identify and assess new markets
•Maintain market visibility
•Generate media exposure for your company on an international scale
•Gain customer feedback
•Be recognised as an important player in the industry