FAST & IASE Exhibitions (Fastening & Assembly Solutions & Technology; Industrial Adhesives, Sealants & Encapsulants)

Event details

26th April 2012
The Pavilions of Harrogate

About the event


April in Harrogate is expected to be an interesting month for design and production engineers based in the north of the country, especially those with a remit covering fasteners and adhesives. The FAST & IASE exhibitions, which have found success in the Midlands, London and the Southwest, are now to visit Harrogate on April 26th 2012. FAST showcases everything good in mechanical fastening and IASE (Industrial Adhesives, Sealants & Encapsulants) does likewise in the arena of industrial and engineering bonding.

Consequently engineers from Sheffield to Scotland will have their own fastening and assembly forum with expert exhibitors available to address their cost saving needs, quality enhancing design opportunities and fresh supplier appraisals. The FAST & IASE Exhibitions have become known as a brilliant consulting forum and will now become a show for manufacturing industries in the North.

Organisers NewbyCom carefully chose the location for their debut – explained M.D. Mark Newby: “We wanted somewhere out of the centre of town – an easy to reach and convenient location, readily accessible with free parking. The site chosen at the Pavilions of Harrogate has excellent facilities and I am sure will be ideal for both visitors and exhibitors.

The FAST & IASE Exhibitions take place on April 26th 2012 in the north at the Pavilions of Harrogate and will feature the industry’s top suppliers of fasteners, fastening systems and adhesives with recognized technology experts, plus free parking and free bacon roll and brew for qualifying pre-registered visitors.

To be amongst the first to see, discuss and evaluate everything new (methods, products, practices and suppliers!) in fastening, adhesives and assembly, simply go to the exhibition websites and pre-register now! Entry to FAST & IASE exhibitions is free. One registration provides a badge valid for both events and pre-registration can be done at either www.fastenerexhibition.comor at