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11th - 12th October 2011
Sentry Centers
New York, NY

About the event

Examining the Key Geopolitical and Macro Tail Risks and their Implications for an Institutional Investment Portfolio

Exploring the theoretical framework for tail risk, the relative cost of tail risk protection

and value to an institutional portfolio given the nature and frequency of fat tail events

Central Bank exit policies and the end game for sovereign risk

Global consequences of food and agriculture inflation

Evaluating the tail risk of a permanent oil supply shock and how this may be traded or hedged in an institutional portfolio

Assessing the US fiscal condition and whether the political will exists to prevent a US sovereign crisis

Determining the status of the dollar as reserve currency

Investing in a New Multi-Polar Global Landscape

Resolving the global imbalance between emerging markets and the developed world

China – the bull and bear debate

Examining the fiscal condition and outlook for Europe

The Practitioner's Approach to Allocating Risk & Assets Globally

Doing well in global investing – top institutional investors explain how market upheavals are influencing the ways in which they are allocating risk on a global basis

Macro world or stock pickers paradise? Have we reached the inflection point where micro matters, or will investment returns continue to be driven by geopolitical shocks and major global events?

Bridging the gap between expected earnings and real returns and the degree to which investors are trading liquidity for returns

Investing in the New Risk Paradigm

Exogenous threats – understanding the limitations of prediction and using vulnerability analysis to protect your investments

Reassessing the power of governments vis-à-vis an electronically empowered and awakened population – how social media sped the revolution in the middle east and the implications for the nature and pricing of geopolitical risk