Global Energy Buyers Conference

Event details

7th - 8th June 2011

About the event

In partnership with Fellon-McCord, we are pleased to introduce for 2011 our new Global Energy Buyers Conferences to be held in Chicago and Brussels.

Reasons for participating: 

- Learn how to implement a global risk management policy

- Analyse the global energy drivers for oil, coal and gas

- Manage a global energy portfolio across deregulated and regulated markets

- Discuss your specific energy requirements with our regional specialists

Who should participate?   

Companies that operate or are looking to operate a global energy procurement strategy, for example:

Workshop Format:

- Leading practitioners in the fields of energy and risk management will host a highly interactive session on how to implement a global energy management strategy in line with your specific corporate structure

- Particular discussion will be on the BRIC nations and how to manage a global energy portfolio across deregulated and regulated markets

- Delegates will receive a transatlantic energy management case study




The workshop fee is €1,200 ($1,600) per subscriber.


Attendee Information

If you require more information than is here please visit our website:

or please do not hesitate to contact:

Oliver Smith on +44 (0)20 7605 2376 or email:



Exhibitor information


About EnergyQuote JHA


EnergyQuote JHA is a market-leading energy consultancy with over 200 specialists delivering services to more than 800 professional energy buyers across the UK and Europe. Our portfolio of services provides a resilient and high-quality offering to customers underpinned by a powerful combination of market expertise, systems capability and talented individuals.


Our services include:

– Carbon and Sustainability

– Market Analytics

– Strategic Risk Management

– Energy Procurement

– Trading Desk

– Bureau Services


With more than 35 years’ experience in the oil, power and gas markets, we have a long history of helping energy buyers implement effective ways of reducing costs and meet sustainability objectives. With our expansion into new markets across Europe, we now trade more than €4 billion of energy contracts annually.


Our primary goal is to drive innovation and quality at all times, and we have consistently led the way in pioneering new services, from our energy funds to our pan-European Trading Desk system. We continue to invest heavily in leading-edge technology in order to offer a tailored range of purchasing solutions that ensures buyers obtain the most appropriate contracts and products to help grow their business.


We assist our customers in the development of risk management strategies that underpin everything from energy purchasing decisions to the implementation of environmental policies. To help customers gauge market developments intelligently, we offer an information toolkit incorporating market analysis, industry guidance and advice on timing purchases. 


Against a backdrop of increasing environmental legislation across Europe, we advise companies how to increase efficiency,manage emissions and reduce their overall carbon footprint and thereby meet regulatory targets. These services include individual consultations, training sessions, briefing seminars, workshops and market intelligence reports that keep organisations up-to-date with the ever-changing environmental issues of the day.


EnergyQuote JHA remains a privately owned company with offices in the UK, Belgium, Italy, Romania, Bangalore India and associate offices in Amsterdam and Singapore.



About Fellon-McCord

Fellon-McCord is a privately owned and operated energymanagement and consulting fi rm. For nearly two decades, we have worked with our clients to minimize risk, improve long-term budget

stability and gain increased control over the cost of energy.


Fellon-McCord offers the following services:

– Management and consulting

– Energy sourcing

– Risk and regulatory

– 24/7 energy desk

– Demand management

– Demand response

– Sustainability


Energy management priorities can vary by type of organization. At Fellon-McCord, it does not matter if our client is focused on the price of energy, the amount of energy it consumes, the regulatory impacts of its decisions or the effect of its energy decisions on its customers, we have the experience and expertise to create a customized strategy to help all our clients achieve their energy goals. This expertise is applicable across a variety of consumer segments including industrial, commercial or higher education clients, as well as municipal or cooperative utilities.


We take a comprehensive approach to energy management that simultaneously addresses energy price, consumption, asset and operations management. As a result, our clients enjoy lower energy prices, improved energy effi ciency and a reduction in carbon emissions improving fi nancial performance and promoting environmental sustainability.


We manage the energy portfolio of more than 100 multi-national clients with a global energy spend in excess of $14 billion. By leveraging our long-standing industry relationships, we offer the

resources, information and systems to manage our clients’ needs from the energy source to point-of-end use. 


Fellon-McCord supports the global energy management practice with nearly 400 associates located throughout our affiliated offices in Boston, Chicago, Houston, London, Minneapolis, Mumbai, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Singapore, Washington, DC and our corporate headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky