Global Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing 2010

Event details

28th - 30th June 2010


About the event

Pharma IQís Global Pharmaceutical Contract manufacturing conference will deliver you the opportunity to hear first hand experience of outsourced manufacturing from both the pharmaceutical and CMO viewpoint. This event brings together both contract givers and suppliers to discuss the challenges faced within contract manufacturing management and how to bridge the gap between the two sides, as well as giving you an excellent opportunity to network with key high-level professionals and increase your contact base.
This yearís hot topics will include:
ï Avoiding production nightmares by enhancing your internal sourcing strategy to gain full CMO compatibility: PriceWaterhouseCoopers and ProStraken discuss best practice in CMO sourcing and how you can reactively source to when partnerships arenít working
ï Ensuring the patient gets a good quality product by setting firm quality agreements and KPIs when working with a 3rd party: GlaxoSmithKline share their expertise and lessons learned
ï Mitigating your business risks when entering into contractual agreements by effecting Legal Due diligence: VISCHER discuss the common pitfalls that occur and how you can mitigate contractually for any risk areas
ï Making sure your product is delivered on time and on budget by overcoming language, cultural and geographical barriers to create a tight cross company team with the correct relationship management strategies


Venue: CCT Venues, Canary Wharf, London, UK