Hedge 2011

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1st - 3rd November 2011
Guoman Tower

About the event

HEDGE - An Event To Provide Clarity And Drive Solutions
HEDGE 2011 will bring together investors and advisers who drive industry allocations to address these specific questions and provide a roadmap for high returns. Learn from:

• Rudyard Ekindi, Head of Investment Research, NEST
• Kathryn Graham, Director, BT Pension Fund
• Luke Dixon, Portfolio Manager, Universities Superannuation Scheme
• Bernard Caralp, Global CIO, Rising Tide
• Fabian Thehos, Investment Manager, Wellcome Trust
• Paddy Dowdall, Investment Manager, Merseyside Pension Fund
• Tina Forssgren, COO & Portfolio Manager, Alvine Investments
• Cameron Chartouni, CIO, Acropolis

Combine this with the perspectives of the world’s most prominent hedge fund managers and it is clear that HEDGE will once again play a significant role in shaping the future of the industry.

Where investors and hedge fund managers meet to shape the industry
Whether you are the head of a pension fund, endowment, or private bank, or the manager of a hedge fund or fund of hedge funds, HEDGE 2011 is where you will find the answers to your most critical challenges – and openings to the most lucrative opportunities – in the hedge fund space.