IEDs: Defeat the Device

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20th July 2011
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The increasing range and improved usage of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) is one of the main factors in highlighting the need to combat the military threat posed by such devices. SMi Group provides a CPD accredited masterclass which helps those at the heart of dealing with this growing problem and enables professionals to discuss the challenges and develop strategies for them.


This event covers an extensive range of topics and provides a comprehensive survey and in-depth analysis of the threat posed by civilian terrorist devices, training prioritisation, the nature of weapons and human intelligence in military operations, in addition to a workshop on initial response to IED incidents. The masterclass is headed by an expert who has in-depth knowledge and experience in nuclear, biological, chemical weapons defence, in addition to counter-IED operations.


Developing an effective counter-IED strategy is all the more important now that their usage has increased in some quarters by 114% in the period of one year. IEDs were a successful tactic used in Iraq and its successful implementation has spread, which is why IEDs were responsible for 40% of coalition deaths at the end of 2007. 


Gaining a deeper understanding into the nature of what future devices will be like and the strategies used by terrorists will help military divisions prepare for these terrorist activities and lessen casualties for members of the armed forces and civilians alike around the world. Coalition forces and other military operations are under constant danger from these easily made devices and the death toll only looks to rise unless at least some of the threat is negated.


Benefits of attending SMi’s CPD accredited masterclass IED: Defeat the Device masterclass:


Upon completion of this Masterclass, through a combination of presentations and interactive discussion, you will:


  • Acquirean understanding of the current IED and explosives threat in civilian and military settings and gain an insight into the current capabilities of insurgents and terrorist groups and individuals from specific incidents, IED forensics, supply chains, and intelligence
  • Gainan insight from previous and current examples of counter-IED operations and counterterrorist Case Studies
  • Examinecurrent counter-IED technologies against prime civilian threats, including transit systems and airports
  • Discusscounter-IED methods during first response to an incident and work through the possibilities and problems which arise
  • Assess how technologies, training and intelligence can be combined to face up to the IED threat, including improvised CBRN devices
  • Learnfrom extremely experienced lecturers with international reputation about bomb disposal techniques and technologies used in Afghanistan and Iraq against a growing range of devices.


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