IQPC's Global Strategic Pharmaceutical Demand Planning Forum 2011

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24th - 26th May 2011


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IQPC's Global Strategic Pharmaceutical Demand Planning Forum 2011
24 - 26 May, 2011, The Mˆvenpick, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Optimise Inventory Replenishment and Effectively Forecast Pharmaceutical Global Demand
Demand planning in turbulent market conditions is challenging, doing it while other people are throwing different figures at you is even worse, and getting the forecast 100% correct is impossible ñ so how can we ensure our figures are as close to the mark as possible; no matter what the scenario?

As the saying goes, ìthere are only two things that a forecast can be - wrong or luckyî, so how can we minimise the role luck plays and increase our own control?

At Pharma IQís inaugural Global Strategic Pharmaceutical Demand Planning forum leading experts from some of the worldís top pharmaceutical companies will be sharing their top tips and best practices for making sure they get it right.

Set to be held in the beautiful city of Amsterdam on the 24-26th May 2011, you can join internationally recognised thought leaders and seasoned professionals from across the industry at the only pan-European meeting dedicated to pharma demand planning to discuss:

ï Ensuring complete visibility and transparency throughout the value and decision-making chain
ï Aligning and cooperating with other functions such as marketing to maximise the accuracy of demand forecasts
ï Successfully managing sudden situations and scenarios which can challenge production and planning, such as:
o Tender business
o Emerging markets
o Mergers & acquisitions
ï Establishing and developing effective S&OPs
ï Increasing planning agility and flexibility

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