It's all about Art

Event details

21st - 23rd July 2011
Business Design Centre, London

About the event

The Itís all about Art event will feature 1000s of FREE art workshop and demonstration places with leading professional artists, art experts from the leading manufacturers, SAA Artist of the Year 2011 awards and the huge Home Shop Live!

So whether youíd like to improve your technique, dabble with painting for the first time or have a fantastic day out with your friends. Professional artists; Geoff Kersey, Matthew Palmer, Mitch Waite, Vic Bearcroft and many more will be on hand to share their best techniques.

SAA members advance tickets £7.00 (£8.00 on the door)
Non members advance tickets £9.00 (£10.00 on the door)

There are no hidden fees and there's no need to pre-book workshops or demonstrations and theyíre free!

A totally interactive art event for everyone, come and learn to paint or draw!

To book call the Ticket Hotline on 0800 980 1123 or visit


Event opening times: 9.15am - 5.00pm