London Garments Expo 2011

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27th - 29th October 2011
Olympia 2 , Olympia Exhibtion Centre

About the event

Why Exhibit  at the London Garments Expo 2011?

 Exhibiting at the right exhibition can be one of the most efficient and successful marketing activities available to you. No other form of marketing can get you in a room with so many potential customers actively looking for suppliers and give you the chance to have hundreds of face to face meeting in such a short period of time whilst also benefiting from brand exposure thought leadership.

Some organizations often overlook many of the ways an event can help their business, so here are 6 of the main way that exhibiting at London Garments Expo could benefit your company:

1.     Lead Generation– London Garments Expo will put you in front of the largest number of business decision makers from around the world that fall DIRECTLY within your targeted market.

2.     Branding– with the quality and number of visitors likely to attend, exhibiting at London Garments Expo gives you brand exposure to the sort of people who will actually buy your services. Remember, being in same room as your competitors only increases brand awareness if your customers are there to see you…

3.     Networking– Opportunity to engage with other industry leaders

4.     Keep in touch with customers– with 12,000+ buying professionals likely to attend, most of them from the Worlds biggest brands. It is the ideal opportunity to keep in touch with them, introduce them to the team, demonstrate new products or services and make sure, at this particularly difficult time, that you do everything you can to keep them happy.

5.     Find partners and form alliances– Liaise with other exhibitors and look out for any potential partnerships. Trade shows are a great way to see other suppliers in action and see how they work as a team, what they can offer, how well they execute themselves and whether you would be able to work well with them in a strategic partnership.

6.     Write orders – On average £116,850.00 of business is generated per exhibitor over six months as a result of exhibiting



If you wish to find out more or would like to discuss the possibility of exhibiting please contact us and a designated member of our team will be assigned to help you.

Attendee Information

We welcome all the visitors and buyers  from garment industry . It is perfect place to get new exhibitors from all over world under one roof .

Exhibitor information


London Garments Expo 2011 is fully based on all areas of the Garments Industry (garments, fabrics, garment machinery, garment accessories, etc).So the exhibitors from all over the world which are related with Garments Industry are coming to join our expo. It will give you an opportunity to have face to face contact with these potential new exhibitors and a unique opportunity to buy best services.