Make The Most Of What You Know

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1st December 2009
Our Dynamic Earth

About the event

In todayís business environment knowledge and its effective use can be a critical factor to achieving business success, which is why the Intellectual Assets Centre has developed a major one-day conference to help Scotlandís business professionals identify, capture and exploit this all-important know-how.


Presented by the Intellectual Assets Centre, Scotlandís agency for development of businesses and organisation through effective management of their intangible assets with support from the European Regional development Fund, this event boasts an array of high profile speakers ranging from Tim Harford, BBC presenter and Financial Times Undercover Economist to Ian Brinkley of the Work Foundation and includes presentations from such prestigious companies as Fujitsu, whose Knowledge Business Manager, Graeme Mackay, will explore their in-company approach to the challenges and the benefits of effective knowledge management.

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So if you are a professional adviser working in intellectual property, economic development, knowledge and technology transfer, an accountant, lawyer, director, manager, policy maker, academic or student ñ there will definitely be something of immense value for you!