Maritime Security: Dispatches

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29th February - 1st March 2012

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Drugs, arms and people smuggling. Stowaways. Vandalism. Opportunistic theft.

Whilst piracy consistently makes the headlines, there is an abundance of other critical security threats you face on a daily basis. Understanding how to adapt your security strategy to identify and tackle breaches is crucial to your operational security.

Are you confident that your security strategy is providing the maximum level of protection for your assets?

Maritime Security: Dispatches is the only event to provide reports from the front line.  These case studies offer  timely, first hand accounts across the broad spectrum of security risks you face. Each incident provides critical information on where, how, and with what result, a security programme was breached.   And crucially, what lessons have been learnt and improvements made as a result.

With case studies from shipping, ports, offshore oil and gas and coastguards all the stakeholders come together for the first time to combine their experience and operational expertise and identify improvements to their command and control systems, security policy, field operations, training and more.

“With this level of expertise in the audience this is an event that has to be attended”

(Yury Ichenico, DPA/CSO, Norgas Carriers AS on Combating Piracy, Hamburg)



Attend Maritime Security: Dispatches and:

Learn by example: Hear how your peers faced different security situations and how they have improved processes as a result.

Apply innovative measures to protect yourself against organised crime: From improvements in operational procedures to the latest control systems; analyse the tools available to you for optimal asset control and protection 

Identify where you are at most risk of your security measures being breached: Understand when security breaches occur and implement robust defences

Reduce your vulnerability when at port: Identify where your risks are and hear the proven measures you can adopt to optimise your security strategy 

From private security personnel to tracking systems and specialist equipment, evaluate the technologies and solutions available to heighten your security: Understand where to invest with insights into the solutions that have worked and the ones that have not

The latest military and coastguard intelligence on the tactics being used by pirates: Understand the practical security measures you can implement to protect yourself against the evolving pirate business model

Make sure your legal and insurance interests are being met: Learn from recent cases and understand the legal and insurance consequences of breaches

Is the ISPS Code working and is it enough? Evaluate the successes of the ISPS code and identify areas where the code has not been enough to avoid breaches

Establish effective communication between key stakeholders: Share experiences and generate real solutions in the only forum that brings together shipping companies, oil & gas operators, ports and defence organisations

Who should attend?

Ship Owners, operators, managers and charterers from the global shipping industry, including:

CEOs and COOs

Heads of Operations/Technical


Quality and Security Directors

Marine Superintendents

Representatives from Oil & Gas companies, including:

Heads of Corporate Security

Managers, International Security

Company Security Officers

Security Advisors

Project Managers

Attendees will also include:

Port operators

International Government Agencies (including defence, police, coast guard, customs, immigration and port authorities)

Military Authorities

P&I and Insurance


Ship and Offshore Security Officers





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