Martin Westwood. These Hands Are Models

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6th October - 26th November 2011
Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston University, Knights Park,
Kingston upon Thames KT1 2QJ

About the event

Following a Fellowship at the British School at Rome, researching the origins of money and currency, the context for Martin Westwood's work expanded from the recent past of political-economy towards a wider historical pespective concerning the theoretical and formal implications of economy and exchange. He began to experiment with the development of extruded physical forms as a three dimensional manifestation of print; exploring a rudimentary notion of print as the organisation of formless, inchoate material by ideal, master profiles.  Further research as part of his Stanley Picker Fellowship at Kingston University expanded this practice to encompasss the production of new large-scale ceramic works. These Hands are Models presents the resulting sculptural forms on plinths of walnut veneer box section and smoked glass that assimilate the material vernaculars of a corporate culture, in an unravelling dialogue within the gallery,  exploring quantification, mechanisation, repetition and exchange.