Mind Body Spirit

Event details

20th - 25th May 2009
Royal Horticultural Halls London

About the event

In 2009, the Royal Horticultural Halls will see the relaunch of Mind Body Spirit London . The Halls will be packed with the sights, sounds and aromas of over 100 companies offering products, treatments, courses and retreats.

The workshop programme features outstanding speakers from around the world and continuous performances and demonstrations on stage are free throughout.

Mind Body Spirit 2009 is an essential destination for anyone seeking to change or empower their lives.

Full details on 020 7371 9191 or the website


Launched in London in 1977, the Mind Body Spirit Festival is the longest-running event of its kind in the world. Featuring over 100 cutting edge exhibitors, 60 hours of workshops and music performances as well as 50 hours of free on-stage demonstrations.