Mobile Advertising World

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6th - 8th December 2011

About the event

Mobile Marketing is growing exponentially and advertisers can no longer afford to ignore this medium as a way to reach customers.

With a range of mobile advertising options, including SMS, WAP, mobile app display ads, search ads, rich media, video and push notifications, the landscape can be complicated and marketers need guidance on how to incorporate mobile into their digital planning and how to successfully launch mobile ad campaigns.

Brands around the world have seen the success of mobile ad campaigns. However it is not as easy as simply replicating their online advertising strategy.  Due to the size and constraints of mobile, this advertising has to be simpler and more concise, so marketers must change their strategies. 

Most recently we have seen the development of the in-app advertising market. Studies have shown that people are being very receptive to this medium as long as they remain in the app when they’ve clicked on the ad.  The future of advertising, particularly on mobile, will be about keeping people within the destination that they started in, and making the product or ad a part of that story and environment. This is certainly a challenge for advertising, but a welcome one.

The time is right for brands to seize the mobile opportunity, but marketers have told us they need guidance on strategy and execution.  Mobile Advertising World will outline how consumer brands can seize the mobile opportunity through an outstanding speaker faculty of leading global agencies and brands and an agenda built by the industry’s key players. 

Brands and agencies will come to Mobile Advertising World and learn:

Re-imagining your advertising strategy through mobile

Mapping the MAD World – who owns this space?

Targeting with respect – from interruption to engagement

Crafting an engaging mobile advertising campaign

Check in to location based advertising

Going mocial!

Connecting advertising and commerce

Tapping into In-App advertising

Converging offline and mobile

Measuring success

PLUS mobile marketing & CRM day