Mucosal dendritic cell-epithelial cell cross-talk

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14th October 2011
The Penridge Suite, 470 Bowes Road, London N11 1NL

About the event


DescriptionThe gut epithelium is continually exposed to diverse dietary and environmental antigens in the presence of commensal bacteria. Yet, in the face of this multitude of ‘foreign’ antigens, the gut is able to maintain a state of non-responsiveness while able to react to true pathogens that invade the gut mucosa. This capacity is thought to be acquired through complex interactions between the gut microbiota, intestinal epithelium and underlying mucosal immune system.  While dendritic cells (DCs) are likely to play a crucial role in this homeostasis through their linkage of innate with adaptive immunity, intestinal epithelial cells are currently attracting considerable attention for their expression of a range of factors that could influence the behaviour of DCs, thereby shaping the ensuing response. The scope of this meeting is to assimilate current knowledge of the role of epithelial cells in the dialogue that occurs at mucosal surfaces.

This event  has CPD accreditation and will have a  troubleshooting panel session.