NHS Scotland Event 2011

Event details

23rd - 24th August 2011

About the event

The annual NHSScotland Event is one of the leading health events in Scotland. It provides an opportunity for individuals working in, and with, NHSScotland to consider and discuss some of the important challenges for health now and in the future.

The theme of the 2011 NHSScotland Event is ‘Quality in Action’ and it will be billed as a first gathering of a Quality Alliance — that is everyone who has a stake in delivering consistently high quality health services. The programme will:

The Quality Strategy is a new approach to making NHSScotland even better, now and into the future, by building on a firm foundation of quality services, dedicated staff and strong values. It puts people at the centre of everything we do, and will ensure that all work is integrated and aligned to our Quality Ambitions for safe, effective and person-centred care.

The Quality Strategy is about everyone, everywhere taking responsibility for delivering measurable improvements to deliver the highest quality healthcare services to the people of Scotland, and in doing so to provide world-leading quality healthcare services.

The event is delivered by the Scottish Government Health Directorates & Social Care Directorates on behalf of NHSScotland and its development is aided by the many organisations that help support health and healthcare delivery in Scotland.

Demonstrate the successes NHSScotland has had in improving the quality of healthcare in Scotland.

Provide an opportunity for everyone who has a role to play in implementing the Quality Strategy to come together to showcase and share examples of best practice in quality.

Reinforce the Scottish Government’s vision for NHSScotland to become a world leader in delivering quality healthcare and to inspire and motivate delegates to play an active role in achieving this vision for NHSScotland.

Equip and support delegates with information about what they can do to help NHSScotland become a world leader in delivering quality healthcare.