Nuclear Safety Online Summit

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5th - 12th December 2011


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Nuclear Safety Online Summit

December 5-12 2011


There is no doubt that the nuclear world is in a state of flux and that all of us are wondering what comes next. As you are in the thick of it all, you might not be in a position to be attending industry events, no matter how important they may be. 


But what if I told you there was a new way to tap into the very latest strategies on the evolving nuclear story without leaving your desk?


It’s called the Nuclear Safety Online Summit and is a unique online event sharing next generation nuclear safety and operational best practice - online - direct to your desktop.


Here are just a few of the questions that this event will answer:


Do you need to know the steps that the Nuclear Safety Research Association of Japan plans to take to maximise plant safety after Fukushima?

Would there be a value in discovering how WANO/INPO standards and regulations can ensure inherent safety in the nuclear realm?

And what about lifting the lid on how and why UKAEA is sure that nuclear power will remain an integral part of our shared energy future?


This 100% online summit starts on December 5th and runs across the course of two weeks. We record all sessions so wherever you can get an internet signal, you can watch the presentations live in real-time and on-demand in your own time.


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