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1st September - 31st December 2011

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If, like the rest of the oil and gas industry, you are finding that project work is increasing, but the pool of qualified staff to do this work isn’t, then you’ve come to the right place.

The speed of growth in the oil and gas business worldwide is outpacing the ability of many HR teams to develop organizational capability in line with these accelerating demands.

Increasing project demands, the lack of qualified people to meet them, an aging workforce and ineffective skills transfer are all real challenges you face on a daily basis.

To address these business-critical challenges, Oil & Gas IQ has dedicated over 100 hours to talking to technical, human resources, and capability specialists in the global oil and gas industry. What we found was very interesting.

The feedback we got from your peers was that vague discussions on the so-called "big crew change," and presentations on generic issues like talent management, career development and localization have been around for years, and can only add so much value.

What these industry professionals really need is to understand how they can:

Re-tool their capability strategy to react to, and connect with, the dynamic short, medium and long term demands of their business

Secure management and company buy-in for the time, money and change required to fast-track capability development

Develop the leadership capacity required to manage the acceleration of a company-wide capability development strategy

So we created a way to help them – and you – do just this.

The Oil & Gas Capability Content Hub is an online resource designed to help you implement the strategies that will make a difference to your day to day work.

Uniquely, this hub is packed full of essential content which is available to download ON DEMAND at your convenience, and the content is accessible for a full year after you download it, so you can benefit whenever your schedule permits.

This online content hub contains 100% pre-recorded, original content and is availbale ON DEMAND. It represents a revolutionary way of skills transfer and information exchange without you having to leave your desk - click here to find out how it all works.

Register today to make sure you are able to benefit.

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