Online North London Business Expo 2011

Event details

1st August - 31st October 2011

About the event

  1. A campaign to generate support for local businesses in North London by driving traffic to them via the internet and giving businesses in North London as wide as possible an audience to promote their services or products!
  2. To give North London an opportunity to show case their products and services, especially with the Olympic Games next year to as wide an audience as possible!
  3. To get the community to support their local businesses in these difficult economic times!
  4. An opportunity to show that difficult times always create opportunities for innovative ideas on ways to promote a business!


Attendee Information

Who will be invited to visit this online expo? • The general public curious to find out what an online expo is all about • Anyone looking to find local businesses that offer the products and services they are looking for • Anyone running a business and looking to promote the product or service they offer • Anyone looking to start a business or grow a business • Anyone looking to boost sales for an existing business • Anyone looking to support local suppliers of Products and Services • Anyone looking to expand their business in North London • Anyone looking to find organisations or businesses that offer support (finance and advice) on how to nurture or grow a business • Anyone looking to find out what North London businesses have to offer • Anyone looking to find out what the local authorities offer to support local businesses and entrepreneurships in the Community and how they can benefit from business with the local authorities • Tourists – looking to find out what North London has to offer as a tourist destination • The world-wide audience!

Exhibitor information

Who can exhibit? • Any business or individual that is based in North London and or whose business services North London or wants to do business with North London! • International businesses looking to do business in North London