Onshore E&P

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20th - 21st June 2011

About the event

Oil and gas remains the dominant source of energy in the world for which demand between 2000-2030 is expected to continue increasing. As oil prices continue to rise, this means potential profits in the future could produce significant returns and profits for companies and countries currently investing in unconventional, conventional oil and gas resources. Onshore exploration and production has attracted increasing attention and investment in recent years as old mines and wells become more economically feasible to explore and process.

SMi's Onshore E&P conference will be focusing on upstream activities including strategies and technologies in exploring hydro-carbon rock, drilling, mining and production of oil and gas. Topics and challenges faced in onshore E&P extend across a number of company activities and services. New drilling technologies for example have significantly contributed to the industries competitiveness and development in recent years providing significant cost reductions. However increased pressures from regulatory bodies on the transparency and sustainability of oil and gas companies operating in this sector is also a key topical issue and challenge along with geopolitical and social risks.