Open call for submission

Event details

4th - 9th July 2011
Topolski Century Gallery

About the event

“How far can we reach” is a three-day art festival held at the prestigious Topolski Century Gallery,, located on South Bank in London, on the 29/30/31 of July.

The artist Feliks Topolski (1907 - 1989) dedicated his life’s work to a journey exploring and capturing the major moments of one of the most significant century in history, Felix travelled the continents and collected testimonies and memories from events that changed the world to his every day encounter with people from diverse cultures and his personal story of memories and dreams to a unique, monumental work located at the Topolski Century Gallery on the South Bank.

Following the same longing for exploration and manifestation of the world we share and beyond,   we are inviting artists from various art practices to explore the meaning of ‘journey’ and  the varying facets, from those deep within ourselves to that which identifies us in relation to each other.

Using Journey as a word with different meanings and thus multiple expressions we invite you to respond to how far can creative exploration reach through all mediums of artistic expression including visual art, spoken/written word, photography, video art, sculpture, performance and music.

Submission is free.

For an application form or further information please visit or email

For submission consideration please email us a complete application form and include:

for visual work: five images, no more than 300kb
for written work: two written examples of your work, no more than one page each
for spoken work:  a brief description of one page and duration
for media work: a video sample, no more than 600kb or links to online samples and duration.
for performance: a small video no more than 600kb or links to online samples and a brief description of the concept and duration

for music: a small audio file no more than 600kb or links to online samples( capacity of two acoustic performers at a time)


Administration fee for the participating artists £20

Please submit only work that you would like to be considered for inclusion

Deadline for submission for "How far we can reach" on 9/7/2011.