Operational Modelling for PFI/PP Projects

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20th July 2011
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Given the complexities of the financial models associated with many PFI/PPP Projects understanding how to build the models and use them is imperative. During the operational phase of a project, the financial modelling is vital. SMi’s CPD accredited masterclass offers delegates a fantastic opportunity to learn the key issues surrounding the development and usage of an operational model.


This event covers a broad series of topics and offers a wide-ranging survey and focussed analysis of the commercial backdrop, key objectives during the operational phase of a PPP/PFI project, technical issues related to PFI/PPP Operational Modelling and solutions to those problems. The masterclass is headed by an expert, Dominic Robertson; an extremely experienced course leader who has lectured on advanced finance and modelling at an academic level in the University of Naples, Italy.  Furthermore, as the director of Lazuli Solutions, who has worked on nearly 10% of project models in the PFI market to date, he has hands-on experience in dealing with operational modelling for PFI/PPP projects.


Attendees will learn to analyse the different operational modelling solutions, and be equipped to understand the intricate financial models in the PFI/PPP sector. They willexperience first-hand how to update an operating model and produce reports for key stakeholders such as directors or lenders.

 Delegates will also have the opportunity to discuss questions, role-play scenarios, and problem-solve with experts in the area allowing them to really benefit from an interactive, insightful masterclass.


Benefits of attending SMi’s CPD accredited masterclass; Operational Modelling for PFI/PPP Projects:


Upon completion of this Masterclass, through a combination of presentations and interactive discussion, you will:


  • Acquirean understanding of the commercial landscape and it affects your business’ PFI/PPP Operational Model

  • Gainexpert knowledge on a variety of issues related to PFI/PPP Operational Modelling and incorporate them into your firm’s working practices

  • ExamineCommercial objectives during the operational phase

  • Discussproblems that arise with the development of an Operational Model and how to overcome them

  • Learn from a vastly experienced Masterclass leader, who has hands-on experience in the fields of PFI/PPP Operational Modelling

  • Collectvaluable CPD points through attendance


For further information and the opportunity to register online please visit; www.smi-online.co.uk/operationalmodelling12.asp

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