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26th - 28th July 2011


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Significantly shorten your timelines. Simplify your workflow. Increase your productivity.

These are the issues of the moment in the world of cell line development. And now is the optimal time to hear how the world’s leading drug developers are dealing with them.

Optimising Cell Line Performance will bring you 13 industry case studies and cutting-edge academic insights, to provide you with tried and tested solutions to the key challenges you face. Click here to see the full speaker panel.

Representatives from the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies will show you:

Cutting edge tools and techniques to improve expression levels in your cell lines

The technologies and approaches to use in early drug development to prepare for asuccessful scale-up to the clinical phase

Strategies to speed up the transition process from discovery to the pilot plant

Methods to integrate the functions of cell line development and process development to increase the probability of project success

The implications of various selection strategies for your cell line generation

How to get inside the ‘black box’ of the CHO genome and apply this information in your cell line work

You will leave Optimising Cell Line Performance knowing how to squeeze as much as possible out of your cell line development process