Pharmaceutical Co-Crystals 2010

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27th - 28th September 2010


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Pharmaceutical Co-Crystals 2010
27 - 28 September, 2010, Mˆvenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre

T.: +44(0)20 7368 9300
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Realising the Commercial Potential of Implementing Pharmaceutical Co-Crystals into Your R&D Strategy

Pharmaceutical Co-Crystals are now being recognised as an attractive alternative route for solid state development. Through integration of a co-former partner into the crystal lattice, it is possible to manipulate the physico-chemical characteristics of the API thus enhancing properties such as solubility, dissolution rate, stability and bioavailability, which are integral to the effectiveness and success of future medicines. At present, achieving scale up of co-crystal production while maintaining the physico-chemical advantages which they afford is a major challenge in the pharmaceutical arena.

For that reason, Pharmaceutical Co-Crystals 2010 will explore the results and knowledge acquired over the years on perfecting the art of co-crystal formation and how best to apply it at both the laboratory and manufacturing scale, with the ultimate aim of realising the commercial potential of co-crystals in pharmaceutical drugs.

The Expert Speaker Panel includes:

ï Dr B N Roy, Head of Research & Development, Lupin Pharmaceuticals
ï Dr Peter Karpinski, Senior Principal Fellow, Novartis
ï Dr Simon Black, Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca
ï Associate Professor Nair Rodriguez-Hornedo, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Michigan
ï Mr Bertrand Gellie, Director, The European Patent Office (EPO)
ï Dr Yaling Wang, Research Fellow, Merck
ï Dr Jeffrey Lindeman, J.A. Lindeman & Co. PLLC
ï Dr David Berry, Senior Scientist, Solid-State Development, AstraZeneca