Photography Exhibition: There is only the truth within each moment by Shantala Fels

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23rd June - 4th August 2011
Zoom In Photography

About the event

This series show single moments that controvert each other, change constantly and are always new - like identity and life itself. "I came to India to explore what my father’s native country means to me. Sometimes I felt that I belong to India and sometimes I felt like a stranger. After some time I became aware that ‘the agony and the beauty of living in India is just this, that one is challenged every day to look at life not in absolutes but in relatives’. I discovered that there is only the truth within each moment. This is my truth about India."

Shantala is a photographer from Hanover, Germany with a background in Communication Design. This year she is graduating from Goldsmiths University of London where she undertakes an MA in Photography and Urban Cultures. Based on her interest in questions of identity and sociological theories, her past works include Freudenhaus, a social documentary series about the life of a brothel in Germany and Guests a series about living and dying in a hospice. Not just the photographs, but also their presentation is an important part of her work and is designed to open up space for the interpretations and associations of the viewer. Shantala has been widely exhibited and published in Germany; this is her first solo exhibition in the UK. For further information on Shantala’s work, please visit:


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