PhotoVision Roadshow

Event details

27th June 2012
Royal Windsor Racecourse

About the event

We are a specially formed team with many years industry knowledge, marketing, media and event organising skills.

As specialist organizers we look for innovative events that work just as well for exhibitors as they do for visitors – by adding additional services to shows such as free seminars, presentations, equipment clinics and prize draws our Roadshows have become essential tools for many companies in reaching new customers, described by one as their roving showroom. This allows them to make multiple demonstrations in one day without making individual sales visits.

As a business we are completely hands on with all our shows, greeting visitors and working closely with our exhibitors and presenters. 

Our experience and expertise in marketing means that we ensure all our events are promoted through all available channels, magazines, website, newspapers, email newsletters as well as making lasting professional partners with key organizations and trade associations.