Planet of the Apps

Event details

4th - 7th October 2011
Royal Garden Hotel

About the event

Planet of the Apps bring together developers and global brands to examine and understand how to create, distribute, monetise, and engage the consumer through their app. Over 4 days key issues will be addressed and debated focusing on the central issues of how an app can be successfully distributed, monetized and be successful.

Joint plenary sessions will outline the key debates for all parties assessing how to best utilize your app as a tool for monetization. A developer focus day will address the challenges for independent app developers of designing a user experience for maximum effectiveness and profitability by those who have. A brand focus day will analyse converting contact into commerce through strategies of consumer engagement.

Planet Of The Apps will debate the business models around apps and outline how to develop compelling, addictive and successful apps, through a speaker faculty that reads like a who’s who of the world’s biggest developers and most innovative global brands.

Developers will come to Planet of the Apps and learn 

Successful distribution strategies to get your app noticed

Understand the most profitable monetization strategies for your app 

Effectively incorporating both apps and HTML 5 into your strategy 

Leveraging app development tools to bring your app to market quickly 

Engaging with the operators and OEMSs to promote your application

Designing the user experience for maximum effectiveness

How to attract investment


Multinational brands will come to Planet of the Apps and learn 

Use your app to grow consumer engagement 

Integrate your app as part of an overall strategy of digital interactivity 

Understanding the opportunity 24 hour contact can bring to a marketing strategy 

Establishing the right platform to deliver your message to the consumer via your app 

Growing revenue through secure mobile payments

Using App Pr as part of an overall long term digital marketing strategy 

Driving your brands message through your app