'Presence - engaging natural landscapes of the North West’

Event details

29th June - 7th August 2011
Castle Park Arts Centre

About the event

“Images of the light and landscapes of the North West have a deep hold on many of us. The exhibition ‘Presence’, explores how certain images seem to take on an importance that goes beyond a sense of place and stir our imaginations, connecting us in a compelling way to the beauty and dignity of our environment.”


Following a popular and successful exhibition last year, John Eastwood returns to Castle Park Arts Centre with a new collection of his work that he hopes will convey not only a sense of the inspirational but also asensitivity to the environment that surrounds us.


“Although I spend much of my time exploring the open landscapes of the North West, I have never set out with the deliberate objective of documenting them through a camera lens. Nor have I sought to portray them as idyllic, beautiful, dramatic or pastoral; though one could well fit or apply such adjectives to these environments. What I do seek to convey in my work is some sense of the natural spirit of these places and their elemental nature. It is a distinct and unique sense of presence that I search for and my artistic endeavour is to capture that natural life force within the image. My photographic techniques are traditional, often painstaking and entirely dependent on the available light and the actuality of the landscape. I do not wish to 're-enchant the land' by technical means, my images are unenhanced and presented absolutely as found.”

The exhibition is in Gallery 1 at Castle Park Arts Centre and is open to the public:

Monday – Sunday  10:00am – 4:30pm

Admission Free.