Revealing Moments

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24th March - 3rd April 2011
Viewfinder Photography Gallery

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Revealing Moments
24 March - 3 April 2011
Private View: Thursday, 24 March 2011, 6-8pm
Exhibiting photographers: Christine Santa Ana, Miriam Baez and Joanna Stanford

The Viewfinder Photography Gallery is pleased to announce ëRevealing Momentsí, an exhibition of photographic projects that present unique viewpoints on the lives of others and the memories we share. Photographers Christine Santa Ana, Miriam Baez and Joanna Stanford shed light on perceptions of people and culture.

The social documentary series by Christine Santa Ana is focused on her friend, Raymond Samuel Cheynoweth Peters, and his house - an emporium of madness and tranquillity. Santa Ana quips, ìYou never go to Rayís for a cup of tea and a chat. You go there for midday champagne and opera singing as Ray is the life and soul at 80 years old.î

Miriam Baez reflects on how we reconnect with our childhood through adult experiences that trigger memories. Childhood is something that all adults have in common, yet no two are alike. Through the medium of photography, Baez re-visits a significant moment in childhood, portraying the cohesion of reality and fantasy.

Joanna Stanford employs photography to explore the ëotherí as observed in a social context. Stanford defines the ëotherí as ìa form of perceived difference or alienation of the individual functioning within culture.î Stanford elaborates on her conceptual concerns through art making, using photography to reflect on a fragile culture.

Viewfinder curator Kathleen Brey says, Christine Santa Ana, Miriam Baez and Joanna Stanford have observed that individuals and cultures are not always one-dimensional. These photographers have drawn out the complexities of situations that are often beneath the surface. The nature of photography is to observe and reveal truths. Santa Ana, Baez and Stanford use photography to expose the many realities of our lives and experiences.î